After receiving federal funding through the EXIST programme to expand our startup activities, we couldn’t wait to take the next step: We asked ourselves: Who exactly belongs to our target group? Who are the people that are interested in founding a company? What are the differences between local HWR Berlin and exchange students?

And what a better way to find out by following the lean approach ourselves: We created various personas for the individual target groups and refined them further in a workshop. We looked at the customer journeys for the individuals with regard to their founding interest, which includes their emotional mindset, wants, needs and pains.

Our interdisciplinary team – professors and research fellows of the HWR, employees of the Startup Incubator Berlin and students from HWR Berlin – was able to bring different perspectives together. Activities we used were brainstorming and discussions in small groups and plena.

We also thought about which future programs we could offer to meet the needs of the individual personas. On this, we are going to work further after the validation of the personas.

Our results? We worked out six different personas in two workshops. The next steps? The personas will be further specified and, above all, validated. For the validation of the personas, we will conduct interviews with people who can be roughly assigned to the personas.

We are very excited about our results!