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The following workshop series specifically aims at teams working on health sector innovations around digital health, the health economy, and everything in between.

If you are a startup dreamer or early-stage entrepreneur who wants to take the first step to develop and test a business idea, this live and interactive online workshop series is for you. Many new product and service offerings fail. But is there a better way to innovate?

Yes! The so-called “Lean Startup” – popularized by entrepreneur and author Eric Ries – describes a new methodology for launching companies. Its guiding principles, including building an MVP and iterative learning loops, resonate with a global movement, including the startups at Startup Incubator Berlin.

In just three days, you will learn the basics principles of the “lean startup” methodology and apply them to your startup project.


  • what lean Startup is all about
  • what successful startups have in common
  • how to put your business idea to the test
  • how to develop a sustainable business model
  • and how to define critical next steps

Agenda: “Lean Startup” workshop series

September 14th, 10-00h – 17:00h:

From problems worth solving to the developing business idea. Intro to lean Startup, identify problems worth solving, and generate business ideas.

September 15th, 10-00h – 17:00h:

From idea to prototype. Rapidly prototype ideas and create a first business model.

September 16th, 10-00h – 17:00h:

Testing business ideas. Reduce uncertainty through rapid experimentation and validated learning loops.

(Develop and test innovative, human-centered solutions business models)

About your coach

Norman Nemitz is a Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Innovation Coach and co-author of the Lean Action Canvas. He supports entrepreneurs as well as intrapreneurs in the development of user-centric and sustainable business models.

Technical requirements for participation

The interactive online training will be conducted using MS Teams and a virtual whiteboard tool. A requirement for admission is availability and active participation during all three days, using a computer with a functioning webcam, microphone, and stable internet. You will receive an email with further instructions after a successful registration.

Organizational requirements for participation

To participate in this workshop, you must be a member of Startup NOW. We will send you the documents after registration. The program is free and enables you to participate in various Workshops throughout the year. If you can’t join for any reason, please let the organizer know ahead of time to allow others on the waiting list to participate.


Please note that videos will be taken during our events.
By visiting our event, you agree to a possible publication of those.

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