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Every startup idea starts small. What is the problem you want to solve, what is your proposed solution? Instead of writing a lengthy plan, let’s think about the big picture and how your product and business model are supposed to work.


Every young startup has to find its core concept (unique value proposition) to save time and money. It sounds easy, but this could become very messy very quickly.

Start to identify the most significant risks (what could kill your business?) and bottlenecks in your idea. The goal here is to start building something that customers will love, and competitors admire. Focus on your strengths and make your first steps as a startup founder.


As a corporate innovator/intrapreneur, you will find helpful inspiration for your next innovation project. As a founder, you will learn ways of validating your startup idea and business model.

In this workshop, you will be using:

– Value Proposition Canvas

– Lean Canvas

You will learn:

– Lean Startup principles and ideas

– Early Adopter and customer development

– Validating the problem-solution-fit

– Value proposition design

About your Coach

Norman is an experienced freelance Lean Startup and Design Thinking coach. He is passionate about playful and digital collaboration, co-creation, and innovation. In his interactive workshops, he helps startup teams practice shifting perspectives to rapidly develop user-centric products & services with no-code tools innovative and sustainable business models.


You can take part in this online event from the comfort of your home on your computer or tablet. All you need is an up-to-date browser, an internet connection and speakers or headphones. You will receive the access link for this webinar by e-mail on the day before the event.

To enable productive discussions and breakout groups, the number of participants is limited to around 20.

Please note that videos will be taken during our events.
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