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This is a workshop series in four parts, each workshop takes place from 5 pm to 7 pm. It is up to you, if you register for only one, a few, or all of them. The max. capacity for each workshop is 20 participants. Each workshop ticket is open to register until 12 pm on the day it will take place.
Facilitator: Inga is Associate Professor at Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius, Lithuania, which is a partner university of Berlin School of Economics and Law. She is specialized in IT service management, digital technologies in (customer) education, data analysis and swarm intelligence methods.
The workshops take place in MS Teams, the invitation link will be provided on the day of the workshop via E-Mail to all participants.

June 28th 2021- Workshop Element 1:
Knowledge in the digital age

Event 1/4: Knowledge Management Technologies for Startups
We live in an information age where knowledge has become more accessible, cheaper to store and easier to analyze. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we know more.
There is so much information all around. Knowledge management aims to fill the gaps and generate knowledge from data. In today’s digital world, understanding and evaluating information has become crucial.
Especially in the startup ecosystem, teams with an understanding of the technology and mechanics have an advantage over established companies. They know their customer better and can build better products and services with the help of data. Startups can integrate data flows right into their first version of a product (MVP). This could be in customer support, marketing and promotion or business development in general.
This is a hands-on workshop for your inspiration. Understand how digital technologies open up a range of possibilities for startup founders, innovation managers and entrepreneurs. Discuss ideas on how to use the possibilities for your next project.

June 29th 2021- Workshop Element 2:
Creating knowledge workflows

Event 2/4: Knowledge management technologies for Startups
The workflow from data to knowledge: principles, opportunities and challenges.
You will gain knowledge through a hands-on workshop and discussion about the complexity of knowledge workflows, as well as concepts and tips that can be used to manage this problem of complexity.

June 30th 2021- Workshop Element 3:
Making sense of knowledge/knowledge visualization

Event 3/4: Knowledge management technologies for Startups
We will have a look on the principles of contemporary visualization trends, issues and solutions. The training will give you the opportunity to learn techniques and develop skills of interactive presentations and storytelling.
Following the theoretical foundations on a given topic, we will practice different visualization techniques and pair assignments. You will research, outline and deliver your argumentation, as well as act as critics of your own, fellow students’, and other successful speakers’ work.

July 1st 2021 – Workshop Element 4:
Tools and technology for connecting and sharing knowledge

Event 4/4: Knowledge management technologies for Startups
Knowledge sharing is the most important part of knowledge management.
Reviewing tools and techniques for connecting and sharing knowledge will be part of this workshop unit. The interactive training aims to discover the experience of the audience and elaborate new approaches to share and connect.
Together we will research, outline and deliver your argumentation about given case studies on sharing strategies and discuss ideas on how to use the possibilities for your next project.




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