HWR Berlin only school of applied sciences to receive funds of the track “Regional Networking” of the BMWi-Contest EXIST. Great achievement for the Startup Incubator Berlin and Entrepreneurship Education.

Two Million Euros of subsidies are going to be received by the Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht (HWR) Berlin. The amount will be distributed over the four coming years in order to further the strategical development of the Incubation of Startups. 220 Universities and schools of higher education across all German provinces have participated in the subsidy contest of the ministry of economies and energy (BMWi). The HWR Berlin participated with their concept titled “Boosting Startups @ HWR Berlin” in the category “Regional Networking”.

„The successful performances of the schools of applied sciences in Berlin in this contest for expansion of incubator programmes, shows once again, to which extent the German government is focusing on the practical orientation in this matter”, says Prof. Dr. Andreas Zaby, President of the HWR Berlin. “The HWR Berlin belonging to the winners means recognition but also serves as an incentive for us. We are very delighted to be the only school of applied sciences in Berlin to be successful in the advanced segment of incubation and we will use the money to expand our offer continually.”

The goal is to strengthen the culture of incubation in the capital’s region by means of toothing the HWR Berlin with regional Startup Ecosystems and international partners in higher education. According to Christian Gurol the head of the Startup Incubator Berlin of the HWR Berlin, crucial factors for success are team composition and peer learning within and between Startups.” At the Startup Incubator Berlin we provide the infrastructure and a broad and extensive support for people with an entrepreneurial mind-set in such a way that we can make the leap from entrepreneurial mind set over marketable projects and services to profitable companies”.

Another prominent feature of the Startup Incubator Berlin with sites at Campus Schöneberg and in Siemensstadt Entrepreneurs Forum A32 is their devotion to the Lean-Startup-Method. Central to the method is the early orientation to potential customers and their needs, which fosters the development of products and services that are marketable. The strategy works: Around 95% of the Startups that have received the “Berlin Startups Scholarship” will found corporations and become economic actors themselves. “Startups have a great strategic meaning for the Business Hub Germany: They produce innovation, are the engine of structural transformation and create the jobs of the future”, Peter Altmaier emphasised at the announcement of the winners of the EXIST-Potentials-Contest.

The Gründungsradar 2018 of the trust union of German Science had revealed the HWR Berlin as one of the best in the entrepreneurial area within the German schools of applied sciences. With the funds of the Federal Ministry, the HWR will be able to continue and enhance the Incubation of Startups and provide and receive impulses from its network in higher education and incubation. The HWR Berlin sets four focal points in the strategic expansion:

  • HWR Belin Startup Boosters: a regional Network, which directly benefits the supervised Startups.
  • Spinning off the Startup Incubator Berlin in order to be economically active and provide commercial activities to meet market demands.
  • Open Startup Academy: a regional network, which guarantees the institutional rooting of the HWR Berlin in the regional Startup Ecosystem
  • International Startup Community: Knowledge and personnel transfer between partners in higher education in order to support regional networks.

“ We create the frame conditions under which creative startup teams can grow in conjunction with established companies and therefore provide a point of emergence for knowledge transfer between schools of applied sciences and the economy”, according to Zaby.

Further information about the Startup Incubator Berlin oft he HWR Berlin http://www.startup-incubator.berlin/