avocaGO enables end-users and businesses to flexibly rent electric cargo bikes. Via the mobile app, you can book, open, and return the bikes anywhere within the business area. Our retail partners even cover a part of the rental fee.

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Many people living in cities don’t own cars as they prefer using public transport, their bike, and sharing services. However, transporting shopping, children, or pets can be a hassle. Imagine the weight of carrying your groceries home, the stress of your child nagging on the back of your bike, or your dog being scared of riding on the train.

(Especially electric) Cargo bikes are a great solution. But they cost a lot and you don’t need them every day. Plus, many people have no storage room and worry about theft. Sharing is a much better way to use cargo bikes.

Many ops or delivery companies agree. Owning and maintaining a fleet distracts from the actual job. Imagine the time, stress, and resources needed if one of your bikes breaks down. You send out a new driver to cover the tour, transport the broken bike back to the warehouse, wait for the mechanic and spare parts. With avocaGO you just switch to another bike and keep going. And during high demand when you need more bikes, you just pick more off the road.

Small shops use avocaGO’s when they actually need them – with no fixed costs. Companies can focus on their core business and large platforms offer their riders a great alternative to regular bikes or mopeds.

We de- and refine assumptions and test them through experiments and chats with strangers on the Nebenan.de platform, outside supermarkets, decision-makers of B2B-clients and their teams, and retail partners’ exec’s.

We – that’s Edgar, Marc, Matti, and our furry friend Cookie – believe living in cities without our own cars is great, but could be even better. Marc has been working for Deutsche Bahn for the past years bringing innovation and most of all sustainability to the corporation. Mutual friends helped team him up with Matti and Cookie. They love using cargo bikes, but existing offers (such as FLotte Berlin) just aren’t flexible enough. As Matti has been working as a product manager in car-sharing for a while, he began looking for ways to improve this from early 2020. Matti’s friend Edgar – a full-stack developer at a medical startup – joined the three of them. He saw a chance to build a service the way he always imagined.