CapSol App

Exciting scavenger hunts that foster real human connection. Discover CapSols, authentic memories of others combined with a song, or write down a memory, add a song and bury your CapSol anonymously.

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Category: Software

Not only during the current pandemic, people crave to have authentic and meaningful connections to others.
Looking for and creating Capsols is a unique, safe, physically contact-less although deep way to connect.

While social media is assiocated with indoors, we are outdoors. While social media are about pretending and likes, we are about real connection and authenticity. While social media often polarize the world, we believe that real sharing of honest memories combined with music will enable people to show who they are and connect better with each other more profoundly.

Using CapSol is easy: Add a song that you associate with a memory, write down the memory, bury your CapSol anonymously at any place, to be released at any point in time. While other people may find your CapSol, you and your friends can go on exciting scavenger hunts in order to find CapSols of other people.

We have started user testings on a group of 40 people (aged 18-32) with clickable protoypes, as well as planning marketing strategies, designing landing page and developing the web application.

We are a team of three students from CODE University Berlin.

Anh Tran, a graphic designer with 6 years of experience who is passionate about human-centered design, marketing and creating innovative products.

Nino Lindenberg, an ex-army officer who is transitioning into an AI engineer, CTO of Strive, passed Le Wagon coding Bootcamp, studying software engineering.

Sebastian Krieger, studying Product Management, founder of his own company (, has developed and placed new products in the market successfully, by assembling teams that have delivered high quality work at reasonable cost.