Celebrations help us create memories with the people we love and give our lives meaning. At Celbretti, our mission is to make planning exceptional celebrations easy.

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To plan an exceptional celebration, you need three things: a great idea, solid organization, and flawless execution. But getting this right is hard. For our customers – working mothers – it can mean up to 12 hours of searching online for elusive items, last minute trips to the store, and setting up.

Celbretti is here to change all that. With Celbretti, you can plan a party in just three easy steps. First, pick your occasion and choose a party theme. Next, select the decoration and food items you need to make it happen. Lastly, decide if you want to set the party up yourself or book a Party Pro to do it for you. Celbretti handles the coordination so that everything arrives on time.

The Lean Startup Method guided the development of Celbretti. First, we used interviews to understand the customer problem and develop our value proposition. Next, we used Facebook ads connected to a survey to test different markets and collect more insights on celebration use cases. We took what we learned and rolled out a simple version of our value proposition last summer in Berlin: Picnic in the Park. We got 240 hits to our order form and delivered 16 parties.

In December we launched our digital MVP using no code solutions. We’re currently recruiting more partners in Berlin, focusing on children’s birthdays and evolving our product.

Rachel Wright is the founder behind Celbretti. Long an avid baker and party maker, she brings 10+ years of communications expertise as well as product development experience to the team.

Madina Rasulzade leads business development and financial planning in the team. A graduate of Leipzig University’s MBA program, she brings 5 years of experience as a consultant to bear. Her favorite part of celebrations is feeling connected with people and creating memorable moments.

Andreas Zschenderlein is behind the Celbretti product – our digital shop. He’s driven our team’s low-code approach to product development, looking for ways to measure and test. He also brings CRM and logistics experience to the team. The part of celebrating that he enjoys most is piecing together the right music playlist to create a great atmosphere.