Deep Breath

Deep Breath is a program for young professionals struggling with self-esteem issues. It uses various therapeutic approaches and behavioral experiments to boost the user’s self-esteem.

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Category: Software

Deep Breath targets the problem of low self-esteem of young professionals. The target persona suffers from an inability to make decisions, is overly judgmental of themselves, and ruminates extensively. Yet, the pain experienced is not acute enough for professional medical help or such help is unavailable.
Deep Breath guides users through a structured program using cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy. Lastly, behavioral experiments allow real-world enactment of trained behavioral changes. The app-only solution offers a structured program. 1st, the user is being assessed in their levels of self-esteem. 2nd, a personalized plan is devised to help the user understand their mental patterns. 3rd, the user recreates their self-image. 4th, the user is guided towards gaining distance from their thoughts. Lastly, all the previously learnt elements are enacted in behavioral experiments.

Deep Breath’s tech-only vision offers an affordable way to help people suffering from low self-esteem. Prototypes with increasing complexity were built and tested with users, inching closer and closer to a product-user fit and to narrow the scope. The viability of the business model was tested with a landing page and market sizing. Learnings were incorporated in a systematic fashion into each iteration of the prototype.

Deep Breath is founded by Maria and Ben.

Maria has a history of doing business. She co-founded an InsurTech startup, worked as a McKinsey consultant, and as Head of Growth at a Berlin tech startup. Maria’s experience of leading people showed her that most young professionals lack self-esteem to perform at their best.

Ben worked as a consultant at BCG and taught students in Asia and Europe. Before working on Deep Breath, he worked as a manager at a tech startup to garner experience in how to found a startup. His experiences as a consultant and teacher showed him that most young professionals struggle with self-esteem.