We’re a search engine platform that lets people discover second-hand items they’re searching for. Quick and easy.

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Category: Software

  • Finding second-hand products is time-consuming and hard. Even though we know second hands can save our pocket and the planet!
  • We started as a search engine to aggregate second-hand products and let the user compare the price, and ecological impacts like saved co2, plastic pollution, and distance to the seller. We have more features planned to make second-hand shopping easier for everyone.
  • Based on studies 53% of Germans are buying second-hand items every year. Also, SINUS-MILIEUS® DEUTSCHLAND is showing sustainability is a megatrend in 2020 and 2021.
  • We are the Lean Startup from day one, all steps of our works are based on data, agile action, learning, and repeat. Every day we collect more data related to our users and market. Our roadmaps are built base on agile methods and we applied the lean method to all our team.

I am Ali Nezamolmaleki, founder of FairKado. I had the idea of the project for more than one year, and finally, in September 2020 I decided to make it happen.

I am a software engineer and marker with more than 10 years of experience in build and promote digital products.

On side of me, I have Hamid Tayebi and Amin Takmili, who help me with developing the platform. Negin Rostampour, Evoléna de Wilde d’Estmael, and Delia k. Jakubek are taking care of market research, marketing, community strategy, and PR roadmap.