Nextflats is an online marketplace platform that helps participants of the real estate market to find a new place to live with the help of their trusted network, digitally advanced tools and without agents!

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Category: Software

Our experience is that people who are searching for a new apartment or who have an apartment to offer first try to find a solution within their communities  such as universities or workplaces. We believe that there is a basic level of trust between people belonging to the same communities and that people prefer to enter into contracts with people from their network.  Through our platform we make it possible (and easy!) to utilize these networks to find listings of colleagues and fellow students. We provide our users with digital tools such as chat and apartment viewing booking system to enable them to master the process without real estate agents.

What are the goals and what are the target groups?

Our target group is anyone who is in the need of finding a new place to live or who wants to offer their room, house or apartment.

The goal is to make the process of finding a new apartment/offering an apartment a good experience instead of a desperate, difficult and expensive process.

Why should this project be supported?

Everyone who had to find a new place to live in an overcrowded city can answer this: it is extremely stressful to find a new home, unless you were lucky enough to find a room or an apartment within your network. And this is where Nextflats comes in: we make your network digitally available!

How is the Lean Startup Method applied?

We moved a lot in the last years and our experiences were not exactly pleasant. We brainstormed if we could do something about this and we came up with the idea of Nextflats. With plenty of work and testing we shaped it to what it is now: a platform that – we believe – will change the real estate market and how we think about it.

Bianca Feher (Lawyer) Torben Thomsen (Software architect/Backend developer) Andras Takacs (Frontend Developer)