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Category: Software

Travelers including me in 11 years around the world like to get deep into the new culture and learn the native language and maybe also surfing, Yoga etc. It’s more fun and cheaper or even free to learn these things with a local friend who in exchange learns English or whatever the traveler likes to offer.

At noboapp – started as tandemsfloripa (Instagram) on an island in Brazil – people can match with exactly the people, they are looking for and with time and experience and positive ratings users can also offer their skills for money and finance their travels like I did for many years.

I wished all this time, that this app existed. Not everywhere I was lucky to easily meet new friends and “students” who financed my travels or had a place to stay for free like in Mexico.
With noboapp it would be super easy everywhere.

Of course the market is huge. Everywhere I worked for a language school  I quit at some point because the students told me they rather prefer to learn outside the school anyways and through normal conversations instead of books and the strict methods of the schools.

It’s also more fun to sit in a café or bar and cheaper paying me directly instead of the whole school. It also means More money and less work for teacher (me).

Other students were new friends, who gave me a place to stay for free or helped with their native language.
This concept already exists on events. Or people can meet online on several apps.
But real meetups are essential to stay motivated for most learners.
That’s why people still pay for real classes.

Millions of locals especially in Latin America can’t afford English lessons and with nobo they finally have a chance to step out of poverty and get a new education boost while helping travelers to see the real culture and learn or practice the native language or a new skill.

And a great side effect is:
New intercultural friendships and relationships are not only fun but help us understand each other better and give people who grew up with racist, homophobic or other thoughts that divides us such as religion in some cases – a chance to reconsider their upbringing. This is a very powerful tool to really change the world!

This always was my dream. Social projects around the world where I could be part of already changed lifes. Noboapp can do that in an unbelievable big scale. I hope you can help me to make this happen. Thank you!

Just my friend Emiliano (programmer) and me. I should give some credit to my mentor who I met at my last startup competition where I won the “Publikumspreis“.