Can hope spark amidst times of crisis? This social venture answers with a colorful yes. Founded during the pandemic, SendToGive evokes small acts of kindness that inspires a culture of compassion, touching lives across the globe.

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Category: Social

SendToGive is a social business that enables users to mail a physical postcard through a smartphone. All profits from each postcard sent are used to help those in need. Our target customer is anyone with an internet connection who believes in making a positive difference. Our benefit is two-fold: we enable people to connect with their loved ones and we provide help to the poor.

Despite having no business plan and no VC funding, the Lean Startup Method empowered us to create this spark of hope amidst the seemingly impossible situation that was the pandemic. By keeping an open ear for feedback, pivoting when needed, and scaling based on learnings, SendToGive has grown into the social business it is today – with postcards sent to 21 countries, in 7 languages, and supporting advocacies in Kenya and the Philippines.

We launched SendToGive in an effort to nurture human connection in the time of the pandemic and we wish to continue our work well into the future. The vaccine may come and the pandemic may pass, but we firmly believe the need for meaningful human connection will remain.

This contest is an opportunity for us to continue our work, grow our team, and extend our help to more cultures worldwide. Bootstrapping has gotten us this far but we hope it is only the beginning. It is our vision to inspire and channel small acts of kindness into a force that shapes our world and with your help, we can make this vision a reality.

SendToGive was founded by Jo Bautista, a Filipina artist and sustainability student living in Berlin at the time of the pandemic. Overwhelmed by the troubling news from her home country, she put her passions to good use by creating a solution at the center of art, business, and social sustainability.

Elmer Cruz is a web developer that had barely known Jo at the time of the pandemic but upon hearing her pitch over a Zoom call, immediately gave his support. Kai Steinkellner is a German software developer who pushed the growth of SendToGive through IT consulting, grassroots marketing, and relentless motivation. Yared Marain dos Reis and Manon Legros are SendToGive’s first interns who joined in Q4 2020.