Yaren is a citizen assistant that gives solutions based on the user’s preferences, environmental data and sustainability targets of each city that aims to insure an intelligent choice when it comes to real-estate needs of citizens.

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Category: Software

Yaren is an AI based Smart Citizen Assistant that functions based on users preferences, location, satellite imagery, environmental data. This assistant functions as an interface between the citizens, the city officials and businesses.
By developing this assistant, we want to make sure that when people are renting or buying an apartment, house, shop or an office, they are aware of all the important aspects of their decision in real-time.

Yaren integrates various economical and social data such as demographic distribution, pricing, access to public transport, etc. with environmental data such as urban heat maps, air & noise pollution and vegetation. These data can be gathered from open-source databases and gives citizens a liveability grade on their intended real-estate.

The Lean start-up method is at the core of our approach towards product development. We came to conclusion over creating Yaren after doing intensive interviews with various stakeholders that shared common pain points. Now we are planning to launch our solutions with collaboration with key-business partners since we believe that urban projects need a cross-sectoral engagement. This is while our solutions for urban services are starting with real-estate but we intend to share “the learning” experiences in each iteration as we develop our scalable AI models for different markets.

Our team consists of two engineers, Yashar Naghdi and Varun Taneja who met during their Master’s program: Urban Environment at Ecole Centrale de Nantes in France.

Yashar has started his career as a real-estate agent and founded a similar project 5 years ago for development of a “virtual city” where he was able to employ and train 17 members and work with 110 clients. He has ever since worked with multiple international start-ups in Europe that provide sustainability solutions by means of satellite imagery and online ecosystems. This is while Varun graduated from one of the best environmental engineering collages in India and has excellent experience in modelling and analysis of environmental data.