FlashChinese is the most effective, comprehensive, and specialized web application to learn Chinese. The unique system behind FlashChinese will help you to speak, write and read Chinese playfully and effectively.

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FlashChinese first teaches you to become a pro in recognizing Chinese sounds and drawing components. This way you will be able to decipher Chinese characters much better and remember them systematically. Afterwards, learning vocabulary with the Flashcard system, which uses an adaptive SRS algorithm specially developed for Mandarin, becomes child’s play.

This gives you more time to focus on speaking Chinese and to improve your listening and reading comprehension. FlashChinese also lets you immerse yourself in exciting short stories and dialogues from the Forbidden City that not only help you discover the rich and profound Chinese culture, but also practice reading and speaking Chinese through immersive exercises!

FlashChinese is for those who want to learn Chinese and those who are already active in learning the language.

We want to make learning Chinese a playful and motivating process for you. Because there is a big problem with the way people are currently learning Chinese. Traditional learning methods involve repeating strokes countless times and learning vocabulary lists without focusing sufficiently on context, language and pronunciation. We want to change that.

We would like to help everyone who wants to learn Chinese. That’s what led us to the Make It Lean competition. We need you to help us continue what we started and develop it further. Help us realize FlashChinese!

By supporting us, you are helping us to make the complete web app available to you faster and to develop it even further. We and our testers believe FlashChinese has great potential and there is much more we want to add to the application.

This is where you come in. We put this campaign together because we can’t do it without you. So, if you like the idea of turning Chinese learning into a fun experience, please help us bring FlashChinese to life.

The prize will allow us to further develop FlashChinese from its current version into a complete and smooth Chinese learning experience with content for all levels.

Development, Content & Design – Also writing and proofreading short stories and dialogues that play in our digital world of China’s Forbidden City, reviewing current content and creating more entertaining content are required. Many more adventures await Huangdi, Huanghou, and many more characters!

This is a passionate project for us, but other friends and professionals must be rewarded for their great design, teaching and writing skills.

We are Aerial and Stephan – and we are on an important mission: to develop an appealing web application that is effective, motivating, and explicitly focused on learning Chinese.

As an active Chinese learner for years, Stephan struggled to find a tool that can really effectively help him learn Chinese. Aerial, as a native Chinese speaker, also noticed many possible improvements for the current solutions on the market.

FlashChinese is a passion project for us.  The learning system was developed on the basis of our experience as a Chinese learner and native speaker, with the help of teachers and scientific methods, to help you on your way to master Chinese.