When planting a seed, growing a plant & harvesting the freshest vegetables happens all at your windowsill. The DIY-Indoor gardening kit made for city gardeners to grow 100% organic food with a real taste at home.

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Kategorie: #Food

Ort: Berlin

  • FROM THE ROOTS. In our boxes, you find detailed information to grow from seed until the harvest: starting guide, step-by-step instructions, & recipes to cook delicious meals.
  • PLAN LESS. PLANT MORE. Gardening is an art that requires some expertise. The good news is, everyone can do it, & it is such a rewarding activity! We make it easy & fun by delivering a selection of high-quality tools for indoor spaces straight into your door.
  • NATURAL PROCESS. We listen to nature’s heartbeat by following natural processes, which means growing seasonal, as well as using traditional materials such as natural soil & Non-GMO seeds.
  • BITES OF PURE TASTE. We are not (yet) trying to fit the world. We bring you the joy of a small edible garden to have a dose of tastiness into your meals. The taste? No words- This is something you need to try yourself!
  • Have you ever thought about growing some seeds, but you did not know where to start from?
  • Or simply denied the idea because you do not have a balcony?
  • Have you ever had kitchen herbs, but they died after some days?

If you are answering only one of these questions, Grüneo is for you!

We are talking to everyone living in a big city, mainly professionals & young families, who strive for a sustainable & meaningful lifestyle. They love creating & experiencing nature. Grüneo customers are real foodies, they not only like to know where their food is coming from, but to eat with the purpose of feeding both their belly & soul.

We are bringing urban gardening into your home, to not only sow, grow & harvest the freshest greens, but also to connect with nature & enjoy a wonderful experience. We deliver the first indoor gardening kit that contains 100% organic materials & all the knowledge you need to start growing your own veggies at home.

Our goal is to offer an extensive range of garden boxes. Currently, we have developed 3 versions with different seed-varieties:

  • Salad Garden: Cherry Tomato, Lettuce & Arugula
  • Herbs Garden: Basil, Mint & Coriander
  • Superfood Garden: Microgreens, Chives & Kale

We are committed to bringing products made sustainably that will generate a positive impact on both the gardener’s health and the environment. How we do this? By avoiding non-ecological materials such as pesticides, plastic & peat moss.

Since last September 2018, we have been developing & improving our products with potential customers through UX-Testings, interviews, focus groups… Currently, we are working on the last details of our boxes & we are ready to take it to the next level- If we win the Make it Lean contest you will help us launch Grüneo to the market!

What does that mean? By the end of this year, we like to launch a Crowdfunding campaign to manufacture our first batch of boxes & offer everyone the possibility to get one.

The prize will be used basically to make our Crowdfunding campaign happen & help us finance the costs we will incur to prepare it (platform/ operational costs, & advertising expenses).

We are Alicia & Louise.

Alicia is the CEO of Grüneo & has studied Business & Marketing. She is passionate about DIY projects & the art of creating things. It all started after a trip to Asia & seeing how local people are connected to food & grow it locally. Back home, she grew some tomatoes in her small apartment even though she has no balcony.  She fell in love with gardening & saw an opportunity to inspire others to grow indoors.

Louise is the COO of Grüneo & has a background in Operations in E-commerce businesses. She is passionate about food & has one personal ambition: helping cities become self-sufficient & eat healthier. Plant & organic food has always been part of her life – not only to make a positive impact on her but also on the environment.