Homemade Studio

Homemade Studio is a new stylish movement of home sharing, designed for the creative industry. In a nutshell, think of it as an Airbnb of home photo shoot spaces where hosts become ‘Home Studios’ and guests become creatives.

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Kategorie: #Software

Ort: Berlin

Professionals in the creative industry were facing many difficulties when it came to finding and booking authentic locations, and in particular homes, for their photo, video and film shoots.

We have responded to this need with Homemade Studio, a specialised online platform developed to connect owners of unique private homes with creative professionals looking for authentic sets for their creative productions.

On the one hand creatives are now able to easily access unique ‘ready-made’ sets that would otherwise be hidden or inaccessible and on the other, locals now have an opportunity to earn a supplementary income by renting their space out by the hour and see their homes being featured in advertising campaigns, magazines and films.

As a platform-based model, we  have two target groups: On the demand side, professionals within the creative industry involved in production shoots, for example, advertising/creative/PR agencies, film companies, fashion and design brands, magazines, creative freelancers such as photographers/stylists and influencers. On the supply side local home owners and renters interested in giving their space the spotlight.

The world is moving more and more in the direction of the ‘sharing economy’ and it is our goal to transfer a very successful concept and business model (similar to Airbnb) to a new service in an untapped creative market that is aimed primarily at professionals in this sector.

Our vision is to firstly grow in our home base of Berlin before expanding to the other creative capitals throughout Europe!

Homemade Studio innovatively re-explores the concept of sharing economy by introducing a stylish flair.

While always staying true to our core values and mission, our project has greatly evolved over the last months – from a simple vision to a functioning service with 4 bookings in 2 months. In order to achieve our goals and compatibly with bootstrapping, we applied an agile and lean method by keeping complexity and costs to a minimum, testing our assumptions with our target groups and gathering all feedback in order to offer the best possible service.

Our journey so far has been a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding process! We are now transitioning from the beta phase to the official launch at the end of September in which we will be hosting a special opening event for an exclusive group of Berlin creative professionals.

The prize money would allow us to successfully introduce ourselves to Berlin and spread the word throughout the city through a targeted marketing campaign and a special launch event.

Berlin is naturally such a creative city that we are looking forward to tightening its community and growing it even further!

We are Paris & Guia. A British and Italian duo who, by chance (and luck!), found each other at a previous work place, decided to quit our jobs and branch out on our own.

Paris has worked in various creative fields and is responsible for strategic planning, business development, marketing and branding. She loves talking entrepreneurship, travelling and never goes a day without her British staple – a cuppa black tea (with milk of course!)

Guia worked as gallery and project manager for several years. She is responsible for the financial and operational aspects of the business.  Although Italian, Guia does not cook nor eat pasta or pizza but is very fond of Berlin’s signature dish: the healthy hipster bowl!