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Kategorie: #Food

Ort: Berlin

LION SUPERFOODS provides natural organic products from our certified farmers directly to your home.

The company was founded with the belief that organic, nutritious and tasty foods should be available for everyone at an affordable price.

Our mission of “GOOD FOOD fuels GREAT LIFE” is to inspire and simplify eating habits with natural nutritious products which will fuel a greater happier life.

Our goals are

  • Promote natural organic products at an affordable price
  • Support farmers from low income countries
  • Protect our mother nature through Eco-friendly and bulk packaging

Our products are for everyone who are health and environment conscious.

When you shop at LION SUPERFOODS, you do more than just enjoy organic, nutritious foods at affordable price; you also support farmers and their families in low income countries.

We sell our products in bulk packaging which helps us to reduce the carbon footprint.

The prize money will help us establish better as a startup and promote the idea that organic nutritious products can be enjoyed by everyone at an affordable price.

Yoga Thiyagarajah (Founder & CEO)

I welcome people to join my team to promote a healthy lifestyle while protecting our beautiful planet, that we call home.