SoliDPS offers a SaaS service for the automatization of the Revenue Management activity for Hotels (go-to-market).

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Kategorie: #Software

Ort: Berlin

Revenue management strategies and technology are often too complex. Hoteliers want to automate low-value tasks (pulling reports, manual keystroking) and want more insight into their data to build high-impact strategies.

Since the complexity of the competitive landscape in the accommodation industry and the large amount of information needed to be processed, small and medium sized hotels are taking decisions mostly through the gut feeling of the managers, relying mostly on experience and emotional intelligence, rather then though an analytical strategy. Our AI identifies the most key metrics for every hotel and sets a course of action to improve their product. Hoteliers get confronted only with the most important metrics they require, avoiding the exposure to an overwhelming amount of data. Furthermore they receive the possibility to fully delegate most digital based activities, like online marketing, customer relationship and especially price setting directly to the AI. Hoteliers receive immediately and autonomous, analytical assistant, that will take over very complicated and analytical activities and translate them into action. It’s like receiving a highly specialized employee for free who works 24 hours a day.

There are 27 million hotels globally, a number that is expected to grow strongly over the next few years. Europe is the world leader in this industry with € 624 million in revenue, 2.28 million employees in 2016, accounting for 5% of European GDP. Europe receives more than 600 million visitors each year, focusing on the Mediterranean region. Our Target segment consists of hotels that have up to 50 rooms but no chain, small chains totaling 150 rooms in total, and/or up to individuals actively offering 1-2 accommodations on AirBnB. In Europe it means more than 60% of the market, because here the industry is very fragmented. For example, consider that the average hotel spends 35 rooms, 7 employees and around 10,000-15,000 € per year in IT systems.

Our goal is to provide these hotels with a platform, which will serve for them as an online personal assistant, suggesting the hotel managers with the best prices for their rooms, managing customer needs, and communication.

As the team of SoliDPS, following strict moral and ethical guidelines we want to create an AI powerhouse to foster human quality of life, automathing all possible repetitive activities, providing space for humans to interact creatively. Immagine the office of the future, without screens, without cubicles, but with people having fun, because only by playing and learning, new ideas can be produced. We want to create a social environment when cooperation and innovation are the sole and main activities of people. Freedom of expression through the power of creativity. AI for life quality, AI for humanism. Let’s dream this future, together.

Currently, we are finishing our MVP (see presentation backup slides), and we have 4 pilot customers. We are planning the soft-launch for the second half of August here in Berlin. We would like to use the prize in order to finance the further development of the product and make possible the hard launch this year December.

Our team consists of 5 co-founders, who are experts in their field. Max Biocca (CEO) ex-Analyst at Accenture coming from a hotel family business, having a deep knowledge of the hospitality industry. The same case holds true for Wilhelm Bender (CTO) whose family business operates in the hotel industry and has multiple years of experience in the start-up world. As a mathematician with 10 years of research, he has developed the unique algorithm of SoliDPS. On the commercial side, Nora Laczko (CCO) ensures sales strategy and financial sources with previous experience in fundraising (5M€) and start-up management. Erik Sorqvist (Head Product) with multiple years in engineering and consultancy is in charge of UX and UI. As well with an entrepreneurial background, Joshua Mckenna (COO) has a  technical understanding and interpretation of complex problems, coming from his time spent at within various departments of a multinational company working as an engineer.