Yolife is an app that helps you to live longer in good health and avoid age-related diseases.

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Drawing from the data of 300+ scientific studies, the app is like a personal health coach that knows you as a whole person to help you make the lifestyle and habit changes that are relevant for you.

You start with a health consultation to get insights on all areas that are scientifically proven to affect healthy life expectancy: nutrition, exercise, sleep, social life, stress, smoking, alcohol, and many more.

Then you get a score of how long you will live, for which diseases you have the highest risk and where you have the highest potential for improvement in terms of lifestyle.

To make this potential come true, you receive frequent instructions for health hacks and habit changes on how to extend your healthy lifespan. Those instructions are personalized according to your health profile and a personal goal you choose: lose weight, have more energy, sleep better, look younger, etc.

In weekly follow-ups, you can enter your behavior – how often you exercised, how many nights you slept well that week, etc. – and get a lifetime score for it.

For more specific feedback, you can schedule a video chat consultation with a coach or expert in the according field, assisted by a speech-recognizing AI that provides the coach with additional information about you.

Our goal is to add 15 healthy years to the lives of 1 million people.

Our early adopters are longevity enthusiasts who already have the pursuit of healthy longevity as a guide value.

A bigger segment we target are biohackers whose influencers are currently introducing longevity as a goal as well. Self-helpers and app-using health enthusiasts, as well as yoga practitioners, are even larger target segments further down the line.

Yolife is a startup with a genuinely good mission in combination with a strong business case.

Living longer in good health instead of spending the last 10 years in sickness is not only desirable for the individual, but also for the economy, as every year spent in sickness costs the healthcare system around 30.000€.

It’s also an indirect contributor to environmentalism: if people start working on their longevity, they also act more sustainable.

The team has truly found their calling with Yolife, as they do not only practice what they preach, but also believe that healthy longevity is one of the most important and significant steps in human evolution.

With the app already in both stores and constantly getting better, they have proven that they can actually build what they dream about and never sit still making it better according to data.

We would use the price money to:

  1. Build a working prototype for our next big feature: the coaching platform.
  2. Donate to SENS Research Foundation (non-profit) for the discovery of therapies to prevent and cure the diseases of aging.

Testing the prototype would provide us with valuable insights to reduce the risk when building the real thing. As a showcase, we could also use this to convince investors for our seed round.

Donation is to accelerate the development of therapies to prevent and cure diseases of aging. These therapies are essential to reach our long-term vision of adding 15 healthy years to at least 1 million people. With this donation, we also want to support the growing life extension community as they have been supporting us from day 1.

Tassilo (Co-founder & CEO) has MA in Philosophy, studied Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship, and has co-founded two startups before Yolife. He has worked 5 years as a professional design thinking coach for big companies and startups and published several articles and a book on the topic of life extension. He is also a developer. At Yolife, he takes care of the back-end, the content, and the business side.

Roope (Co-founder & COO) has 8 years of experience as a lead UX designer working in Silicon Valley, Finland, and Germany. He found Tassilo while he was conducting problem interviews with life extenders. The interview turned into an ideation session, and this how everything began. At Yolife, Roope is responsible for all design, front-end and UX tasks as well as marketing.

Or (CTO) has 7 years of experience as a professional developer. At Yolife, he takes care of the overall technical architecture of the app and management of both platform Android and iOS.