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Startup Incubator Berlin offers tours for partners and other interested parties, that want to learn more about the incubator and the startup eco system. You may select between two tours.

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, there are currently no guided tours.
Alternatively, we offer a digital presentation from the Startup Incubator Berlin for an exchange of experiences.

Tour 1

Duration: 45 minutes / Cost: 250,- €

You will get the chance to see our Coworking Space, Design Thinking Lab and Rapid Prototyping Lab in the Entrepreneur Campus Berlin Siemensstadt. Amongst others, we are going to present our mission and you will receive exclusive insights from our enrolled Startups and the method of our choice: The Lean Method. Cold and warm drinks can be ordered if requested.

Tour 2

Duration: 90 minutes / Cost: 500,- €

You will have the chance to see our new Coworking Space, the Design Thinking Lab and the Rapid Prototyping Lab at the Entrepreneurship Campus Berlin in neue Siemensstadt. During the guided tour, you will get valuable knowledge about the Startup Incubator Berlin, our Startups and the method of our choice: The Lean Startup Method. After the guided tour you will get first hand insights from our startups that will present their company and their development including a Q&A session. Hot and cold beverages can be ordered but are not included in the tour. The size of the groups should not exceed 30 people. In case you plan to visit us with a group of more than 30 people, please inform us so that we can prepare accordingly.

Did we grab your attention and you are interested in our guided tours? Please don’t hesitate to ask for an appointment via email.

If you are interested in a catering service, we’d like to recommend the caterer of the house. You can find information about the offer here.

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