Lean Startup Sprint

Starting your own business is messy. Especially in the early days, when the path is unclear and so many things seem to be important. When you’re right at the start, this program is for you.

The Lean Startup Sprint is a free two-week program for you to develop your startup idea into a proof-of-concept. You will immerse yourself in a dynamic and collaborative environment with like-minded people where you will build a prototype, validate your ideas and draft your sustainable business model. You will meet a startup coach and receive expert guidance with individual recommendations for your next steps to work on.

After completing the Lean Startup Sprint, participants have the opportunity to apply for our incubator, which offers a collaborative workspace, personalized coaching and access to a wide range of workshops and events.


Develop your startup idea into a proof-of-concept. During two weeks, we help you to build a prototype, collect evidence and draft your business model.

This two-week sprint is for all new startups, regardless of their development stage. Get to know Startup Incubator Berlin at Siemensstadt, and we’ll get to know you a bit better, too.

What if I don’t have a prototype or product yet?

Perfect! We’ll help you build a prototype from your startup idea.

What if I don’t have first customers yet?

Not a problem. We’ll help you to identify those and build an “MVP”.

What if I’m alone for now?

Starting a startup is better as a team. Maybe you find a cofounder in those two weeks.

What you get:

  • Two weeks of co-working at Startup Incubator Berlin
  • Practical help and advice (no lectures) and a workbook
  • Startup coaching from experienced advisors and experts
  • Hands-on support with prototyping and testing (e.g. hardware, apps)
  • Integration into our startup community at Rohrdamm 88, Berlin-Siemensstadt