We are a seaweed-based food brand that produces innovative dulse-based products that are sold online or via food retailers. Our products are sustainable, locally produced and 100% organic. In this video, we try to demonstrate to you how we’ve adopted the lean method.

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Kategorie: #Food

Ort: Berlin

Alvego UG produces products based on red algae/ Dulse/ Palmaria Palmata and sells them online as well as via food retailing. Our seaweed jerkies are a healthy snack alternative made from dulse and beetroot and help with increasing Iodine intake. Furthermore, the products are made locally in Berlin, with organic quality and using only raw materials from within Europe.

This project was born from a visit to „Food 5.0“ in the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Hamburg by 2 young and inspired students (Philipp and Friedrich). This exhibition displayed various forms of meat using Dulse (seaweed) or Palmaria Palmata and since they were so inspired they wanted to create something similar that would address a problem they genuinely ached about. Hence we need all the resources and extra hands we can get in making this dream a reality!

Our intention is to bring seaweed to the tables of Germany and the rest of the world and convince our consumers with our delicious and sustainable options. We support the future of nutrition which is allergen-free, sustainable, healthy and absolutely delicious!


  • We want to create a broad product range with macro seaweed products that are tasty, healthy and of course sustainable.
  • We would like to create a healthy and sustainable alternative to meat.
  • We want to emphasize on the health benefits of Seaweed and bring it to the tables of the world.

Our target group comprises of Hipsters, Flexitarians, and people who are conscious of the environment and make ethically right choices mostly between the ages 20 – 50. People who are willing to try new things.

We’re an early-stage startup that wants to give an opportunity for consumers to make choices that will eventually help change the world into something better. We hope to provide a sustainable alternative to meat and want a world free of food cycle damage, drastic climate change, and unhealthy environments.  We believe the future of nutrition is allergen-free, sustainable, healthy and absolutely delicious! and to create this future we would need your help!

We need the prize money to invest in various activities in order to grow Alvego. This would include:

  • Fund our production expenses for our new alvego seaweed salads.
  • Support marketing and sales for our new alvego seaweed salads.
  • Fund new designs of future to-come products like vegan burgers and more.

The team comprises of Friedrich who is the chief development officer (CDO) he has 3 years of experience in food development and worked with esteemed 5-star restaurants such as Paul Saal Berlin.

Philipp who is the COO and heads operations here at Alvego. He has 9 years of work experience in project management and logistics (e.g. Deloitte Consulting, Germany) and is an expert in strategy and operations.

Satya works in marketing with Alvego she has had 3 plus years of experience with digital marketing, focussing on Startup environments.