Expat Community Marketplace for Personal Services

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Kategorie: #Social

Ort: Berlin

MyHelpBuddy is a trusted community marketplace for personal services with the mission of making the integration process of international community stress-free. MyHelpBuddy connects Newbies with Buddies. Newbies are international people who come from any country to Germany in order to study, work or settle. Buddies are verified local people, freelancers, translators, service providers etc. who know the local language and the local processes and who are willing to help the newbies in their integration into a new city/country. If a Newbie requires help in any activity, they can “Post a Request”, “Book a Buddy” and “Get the work done”. The Newbie can also invite Buddies from the list or choose the best offer posted by the Buddies.

More than 375000 students and 266000 working professionals come to Germany every year. The target group is all international students and working professionals who move to Germany every year, especially from countries like India, China, Russia, France and Italy, which constitutes the major population.

We are developing the world’s first platform dedicated for the Expats to get help anytime, anywhere! 

Together, we are a young and experienced team with a diverse skill set. We also represent our target audience as the entire team has international background, have gone through the same processes and have faced the same issues that MyHelpBuddy is addressing. This makes us the best fit for addressing the issues faced by the (our) international community.  Our mission is to make the integration process of Expats simple, secure and stress-free. Do join us in our mission!

1. Outreach to Expat communities 2. Launch in other cities like Munich and Frankfurt 3. Improvize the platform

Aravinth Palaniswamy – CEO

Aravinth has previously founded a startup called EI-INK which focused on building digital startups, also worked as technology consultant for 2 years, with very good experience in venture building. He has good technical experience in creating web platforms and he is currently in charge of the product. He has graduated from RWTH Aachen University and graduated with Honors from CORe program from Harvard Business School. He has also been selected for Y Combinator Startup School on 2018 representing his previous startup.

Duc Tam Dam – CMO
Duc has extensive knowledge in brand and marketing as he is also currently a part of BMWi German Startup Accelerator. He studies media management in Berlin and he has also worked in Business Development at Grover.

Christina Papke – COO
Christina has several years of experience in different companies in operations and marketing, graduated from master’s in International Business and Consulting from Berlin School of Economics and Law. She previously worked in the field of controlling at Bosch Rexroth. Before founding MyHelpBuddy she was working in another platform startup as the first employee where she got deep insights in the platform economy and the operational tasks. She also served as the Vice President of START Berlin e.V. which is a student run entrepreneurship organization.