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Startup Incubator Berlin runs a co-working space where you and your team can bring your startup ideas to life. In addition to workplaces, we offer you fast Internet, meeting rooms and a kitchen. For your creative breaks, a football table and table tennis table are available to you.

Peer Learning at the Co-Working Space

The greatest benefit of our co-working space at the A32 Entrepreneurs Forum Berlin Siemensstadt is its proximity to the other founders. We support and promote the exchange of experiences among each other, so that you can benefit directly from the insights as well as from the mistakes of your peers.

To make the exchange even more targeted, we organize a jour fixe meeting every week. In familiar atmosphere, our startups share their experiences on selected topics and give each other assistance.

There are currently about 20 different startup teams working in our co-working space. Employees of Siemens AG also make use of the advantages of working together time and time again. Hence, excellent networking opportunities for both sides arise.

Virtual Reality Lab

The Startup Incubator Berlin gives you access to a state-of-the-art VR/AR Lab. In the development environment, startups can try things out, research and drive innovation. The “XDEC” was opened in spring 2019 on the Siemens premises at Rohrdamm 88 and is part of Siemens’ new VR/AR training strategy. Access to the X DEC is a clear example of the long-standing cooperation between the Startup Incubator Berlin and Siemens AG.

The X DEC at the Berlin Spandau location offers the opportunity to experience and, above all, to design virtual and augmented reality on 300 m2. Together with the Startup Incubator Berlin, it is now possible to use a training and development environment for startups in 3 different VR chambers. Due to the design possibilities, the technology can be used for various areas of application.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a real-time, computer-generated, interactive virtual environment in which the user experiences the simulation with the help of a 360-degree camera.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a real-time, computer-generated, interactive virtual environment that adds a virtual feature to reality. In this way, training such as on large turbines can be carried out very easily.

Design Thinking Lab

We offer you and your team a Design Thinking Lab, a space that promotes innovation and unconventional ways of thinking. The flexible interior design and craft materials provide the ideal atmosphere to exchange and brainstorm ideas and to develop prototypes.

In addition, there are regular free workshops on various topics, such as the Design Thinking Method.

Design Thinking Method

Design Thinking is a systematic approach to find solutions to complex problems. It provides six steps to understand the problem properly and develop a user-friendly solution. A key strategy of this approach is to have a look at the problem through the eyes of the users and design innovative solutions to suit their needs.

The six steps of Design Thinking are part of an iterative process:

  1. Understand:During the first phase, teams exchange perspectives, questions and different tasks regarding their challenge in order to build a solid foundation for their further work. During that phase every possible angle of their challenge should be considered.
  2. Observe: In order to develop a user-friendly solution, as much information as possible is needed. During this phase, founders are encouraged to observe their environment and thus gather information about the challenge, the potential users, their desires and so on.
  3. Point of view: At this stage, every knowledge gathered to this day, will be defined precisely. The defining process should always be tackled from the users viewpoint to ensure the most user-friendly solution.
  4. Ideate: Now it is important to brainstorm ideas based on the prior defined point of view of the team.
    To encourage your creativity the startup incubator berlin provides all kinds of materials.
  5. Prototype: During this phase, the team is developing a prototype based on their idea. At the Startup Incubator Berlin, teams can build prototypes in the Design Thinking Lab as well as in the prototype lab.
  6. Test: After developing a prototype, the prototype has to be tested by potential users that provide valuable feedback to the teams. The Startup Incubator Berlin organizes a monthly UX-Testing, where users get a chance to test the newest prototypes while enjoying pizza and drinks.

Prototyping Lab

The Prototyping lab offers startups, founders, and those interested in establishing a startup the opportunity to develop prototypes. The prototyping lab is equipped with machines such as laser cutters, 3D printers, milling machines, and much more equipment to successfully develop a prototype.

In addition to the technical equipment, the Startup Incubator Berlin regularly offers free workshops on various topics.


In our prototyping lab you will find the following machines and tools:

  • Lasercutter (Epilog Zing 24)

  • 3D-Printer (Ultimaker 2)

  • Milling machine (Proxxon Micromot FF 230 fine milling machine)

  • Lathe (Proxxon Micromot PD 250/E)

  • Drills

  • Saws

  • Soldering station

  • Hand tools