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A free transformative 2-week program designed to supercharge your journey towards a successful startup – dedicated to female founders

The Lean Startup Sprint is a free two-week program to develop your startup idea into a proof-of-concept. You will immerse yourself in a dynamic and collaborative environment where you will build a prototype, validate your ideas and draft your sustainable business model. You will also be coached individually and receive recommendations for your next steps.


Registration for the Lean Startup Sprint is only possible through our specific application form provided here. Registering for a ticket on Eventbrite alone does not mean you have secured your place in the program. Please make sure to fill out the application form separately!



Lean Startup Sprint / Female Edition

This upcoming program in February 2024 is dedicated exclusively to (aspiring) female founders: Connect with like-minded women, draw inspiration from accomplished role models, and craft your prototype with the expert guidance of our coaches.

After completing the Lean Startup Sprint / Female Edition, participants have the opportunity to apply for our incubator, which offers a collaborative workspace and personalized coaching. The Lean Startup Sprint / Female Edition specifically focuses on fostering a supportive environment for women and all those who identify as such. We encourage and welcome male co-founders to join the team after the initial two-week sprint.

At our core, we value diversity and are dedicated to addressing individual needs, ensuring an inclusive experience for everyone. Non-binary individuals are also warmly invited to participate as we strive to create an inclusive and supportive space.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to reach out to us at Your inquiries are always welcome.

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