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Analyze your startup: Does it have the potential to be a scalable business? And learn to develop relevant KPIs to track your performance.

Goals of the workshop

In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of how a startup is defined and whether your idea has the potential to become a scalable business.

We will provide an overview of potential business models for your idea and analyze together if it has the potential to grow exponentially. We will also discuss potential KPIs that will be important for your business and how to track them efficiently.

Additionally, you will learn about venture capital and different types of investors, such as business angels and VC firms, their motivations, and how to fine-tune business models that will attract them.

Your coach

Marvin Göldner is the Head of Startup Incubator Berlin, with a hands-on background in startups. Having successfully built and sold his own startup by the end of 2019, he brings real-world entrepreneurial experience to his role.


The workshop takes place on-site at the Startup Incubator Berlin, located at the Berlin “Zukunftsort” Siemensstadt Square, just a few steps away from the U7 subway station Rohrdamm.

Registration is possible here until Monday, Mar. 18th at 3 p.m., the number of participants is limited to 20 people. Please let us know early if you registered, but will be unable to attend. That way, we can accomodate attendees on the waiting list.

Due to the required registration at the gate and the access route to your workshop room, we ask participants to arrive no later than 15:45 h at the reception gate of our location (Rohrdamm 88, 13629 Berlin-Siemensstadt) where you will be met by our staff. A photo ID (passport, driver’s license, etc.) is required for access to the Siemens factory premises.

The workshop is free of charge for all participants, as it is publicly funded. For administrative purposes, our sponsors require enrollment in our participants’ lists (with full name, e-mail address, signature) on site.

Please note that photos or videos may be taken during our events. By attending the event, you agree to a possible publication of those.

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