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Frequently asked questions

Our offering is for students and graduates of the HWR Berlin (Berlin School of Economics and Law) as well as for students and graduates of other universities.

No. We address both founders with an elaborated idea as well as those who are interested in founding and want to develop a startup idea in the context of our offering.

Our entire offer — including Co-Working Spaces — is completely free of charge to you. We also do not ask for company shares.

FAQ concerning the Startup scholarship

Yes, but only if the company is not economically active on the market yet. You can also apply for the scholarship if the company is not yet established.

The scholarship requires a university degree. So if you already have your first degree (e.g. Bachelor’s) and are now studying for a Master’s degree, you are welcome to apply. Your application will not be accepted if you do not yet have a Bachelor’s degree.

You are welcome to contact your (former) lecturers directly and ask them to become mentors for your project. Alternatively, you can scroll through the mentors section on our website or contact the university’s startup service to help you find a mentor.

No. For the Berliner Startup Scholarship, it doesn’t matter how long ago you graduated.

No. All documents must be submitted in German. The pitch will also be in German.

It is the scholarship holder’s responsibility to fulfill any legal obligations (taxes, social security contributions, health insurance, etc.) that may arise as a result of the scholarship. The legal obligations are not subtracted in advance.

FAQ concerning the Make It Lean Contest

You may be in the pre-startup phase or you may have already established your startup — both are acceptable.

In order to participate in the contest, the startup may not be older than one year.

Yes! We value the following points:

  • Problem-Solution Fit
  • Hypotheses Testing
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Agile
  • Iterative procedure
  • Build Measure Learn
  • Business Model (Lean Canvas/Business Model Canvas)