Susteyn Office Farm

Susteyn is a young indoor farming company that is on the mission to accelerate the transition into a sustainable food future, because we believe this is crucial to feed an ever growing population with the limited resources of our planet.

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Category: Food

We are building office farms: Your smart community garden for the workspace. We enable offices to green their workspace and employees to grow fresh edible plants like microgreens, herbs or lettuce for their lunch or as a snack. Through our unique plant scheduling, we make sure that the farm always looks green and that employees can harvest weekly (e.g. up to six lettuces a week). Our farm is also fully automated, all it needs is refilling every once in a while. Users also have full overview over all the stats and sensor readings, and are also able to adjust settings like light schedule to
their liking. We offer the farm in return for a monthly subscription. With that we want to create more joy and fun interactions in the office and bring the concept of urban farming closer to the people.

Our ideal target group are medium sized offices with between 10-30 employees and some sort of kitchen that allows for meal preparation or heating. They are established businesses that aim sustainable and innovative.

Our development process was naturally lean as we starting testing early on. We started with different farm prototypes to understand how to grow plants hydroponically. Following that we did a design sprint where we ended up with a paper prototype of our office farm (see video). After successfully installing our first funtionning office farm, we are now collecting feedback to improve the next iteration of the product.

Our team consists of Simon, Hannes and Emil who all met at CODE University. Simon, who is studying product management and design is mainly responsible for the physical design of our product, as well as everything product management related. Hannes, who is studying software engineering is mainly responsible for the software that is running on our farm, as well as everything electronic related. Emil, also studying software engineering is responsible for everything cloud and IoT related, while joining the others in the different domains.