We proudly present our eco-friendly food production system in our mobile trailer. We grow our microgreens in the cities close to you just like you grow them in your backyard!

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Category: Food

We produce different types of nutrient rich microgreens for mid to high-end restaurants in the city. Our unique selling point is recycling food waste of restaurants into organic fertilizers to produce high quality healthy food. We aim to contribute to the resource efficiency by reusing the hidden value of the food waste and to the food security issue by eliminating non-organic fertilizers from agricultural practices.

The food loses its freshness easily due to long transport chains from farms to restaurants. Our solution is producing our greens in mobile trailer in the cities close to the restaurants therefore we harvest our plants just before the delivery so that they keep their freshness longer. By doing that, we also eliminate CO2 emission since we deliver our products via electric vehicles.

Especially in the big and crowded cities, awareness has already started to rise in terms of sustainable living and food security. Therefore, we feel responsibility to preserve our values and contribute to the creation of a sustainable world for many generations to come.

Tuna and Ecem are the cofounders of UrbanFarm. Their vision is to transform the traditional farming models, therefore they decided to come up with an alternative production cycle.

Ecem Mumcu is an environmental chemist and previously worked in this area therefore, she will be the key figure for all steps of our sustainable food production system and food security.

Tuna Gezgin has management and engineering background. He worked in various civil projects and developed business management skills. He will be responsible for designing and building mobile production trailer as well as the system setup.