Arzt Sofort

The aim of our project is to better communicate wait times for doctors to patients and ultimately to shorten them. The well-known problem with doctors is that patient care is individual and therefore difficult to plan in advance. If a patient needs more intensive care, all appointments for subsequent patients are postponed and they have longer wait times than anticipated. If, for example, a current wait time of thirty minutes were communicated to the subsequent patients, they could delay appearing at the doctor’s office until closer to the revised appointment time.

With our system, patients and doctors can be helped to develop a more satisfactory “business relationship.” Our solution is comparable to train or airline delay communications. An open communication of the waiting time or delay enables the customer to adapt his behavior to the delay and to reach his destination with less frustration and anxiety. All guests expected in the next few minutes are then notified by app or SMS that there are currently “X” waiting minutes in the practice, so that the patient can act accordingly.


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