Deckard A.I.

With Deckard A.I. the software developer understands and develops program code twice as fast. Deckard A.I. is the K.I. based collaboration platform for software developers. Thus software developers save employing companies immense costs and receive with Deckard the best technology to have the highest quality software developed.

Anyone who has read foreign program code alone knows the problem: It is incredibly time-consuming and nerve-racking to familiarize oneself with the mostly undocumented program code — to understand the structures and the writing style of the author. It’s like reading a familiar language in a new grammar.

This is exactly the problem Deckard solves. Deckard A.I. will be available as a plugin for many popular development environments.


Lele Canfora
Aurélien Nicolas
Michael Bucko
Denis Berkovich




Berlin Startup Scholarship