Today, every company experiences a range of changes that question old structures and require new solutions. An interconnected world blurs the lines between clearly separated disciplines. Tasks become more complex and require more creative and innovative solutions. This has an impact on both team work and individual performance of each employee. The more complex tasks get, the more important becomes the employees’ motivation for the individual and team performance. Their motivation is linked to the opportunities they see for themselves to grow both personally and in the team. Hence, personal development within teams becomes the key to success. CompassTeams combines personal growth and team development in companies. Employees become coaches for one another who accompany and challenge each other sustainably in their personal development. With our digital tool time and costs spent on external experts can are saved and companies invest deliberately in the self-responsibility and competence of their team so that they can shape and master successfully and self-responsibly the challenges and changes of today and tomorrow.


Laura Gerards Iglesias
Helen Clarissa Schlüter




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