HelloCoach makes the organization of sports teams easy. Currently, 80% of all amateur, youth, and hobby sports teams use WhatsApp or Facebook to organize their daily tasks: when does the training take place, where do we meet before the game, who has a seat left in the car, who has to pay for the rent, and so on… clarifying all this in a WhatsApp group of more than 20 teenagers and parents simply takes an incredible amount of time. And every week anew!

HelloCoach solves the problem. We offer sports teams a platform that is very easy to use and makes endless chatting superfluous. With our app, the entire team has an overview of all appointments and information, the coaches can see which player is available for the next game at any time and all tran bags in the team are regularly reminded of all important items.. HelloCoach takes the stress out of everyday sports and ensures that everyone has more time for their game.


Eric Grieben
Léo Fouchard
Samuel Picek




Berlin Startup Scholarship