The [v]ostel enables tourists to travel to Berlin in a socially and environmentally compatible way, to discover the city off the beaten track, and to get to know its inhabitants. At the same time, Berliners benefit economically and socially from visitors through community-based tourism.

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Travelers stay overnight with Berliners and/or dine with them. They get to know the life and culture of Berliners, improve their language skills, and benefit from insider tips about the city. The Vostel takes over the matching as well as the mediation between travelers and Berlin homestay/dinner providers.

Our volunteer exchange enables tourists, together with non-profit organizations in Berlin, to promote exciting local projects and in this way get to know people, institutions, and places away from mass tourism. The Vostel takes over the matching and the free placement of international volunteers to non-profit organizations in Berlin.

Through our platform, tourists can find tours, events, and facilities that make it possible to experience the city in a socially and environmentally responsible way and, above all, do not serve the usual themes and places. The Vostel takes over the acquisition, bundling, and advertising of the providers on its own website.


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