Bear Protein

Bearprotein is a startup with the aim of making insect-containing food available in a tasty form to nutrition-conscious athletes and people who act sustainably. To achieve this goal, we offer the first insect protein bar in three different flavours (apple cinnamon, dark chocolate and salt, and hot and spicy).

As an animal ingredient we use a Canadian organically produced cricket (Acheta Domesticus), which is very rich in protein (70%) and can cover the daily requirement of vitamin B12. We use only selected organic ingredients to make our protein bar.

The main benefit of our bar is the alleviation of hunger and the absorption of proteins. As an additional benefit, the end consumer saves important resources such as water and feed when consuming our insect snack and contributes to ethical animal welfare by eating insects.


Alexander Pfaff
Marcus Fiedrich
Diana Ohl




Berlin Startup Scholarship