Workeer is the first online internship, training, and job exchange that directly addresses refugees seeking employment and employers interested in hiring refugees.

Refugees have the opportunity to search for suitable companies, make proactive contact, or react to specific job advertisements. In the recruiting process, companies can use the information on the applicant profiles to specifically address potential new employees. Workeer thus enables both groups to establish simple and direct digital contact. In addition, Workeer provides all parties involved with competent contact persons who advise the refugee applicants during the application, hiring, and onboarding process. Through Workeer refugees are given access to the job market with as many opportunities as possible, and employers have the opportunity to find new employees for their company who would otherwise be difficult to find and approach.


David Jacob
Karl Milos Liebich
Philipp Kühn




Berlin Startup Scholarship

Partner University

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin