Behinde the scenes


Veranstaltungen organisieren, Startups coachen, Papierkram erledigen – bei uns wird es nie langweilig und in den letzten Jahren konnten wir unser Team stetig erweitern.

Gründergeist liegt den meisten Mitarbeitern am SIB im Blut! Viele von uns kennen das „Abenteuer Gründung“ aus erster Hand und teilen gerne ihre Erfahrungen.

Christian Gurol
Christian GurolHead of Startup Incubator Berlin

Christian is the head of the Startup Incubator Berlin. Originally he comes from Lüdenscheid in the Sauerland. He founded his first workshop directly after his apprenticeship as an automotive electrician. After four other partially successful startups and a degree in process and environmental engineering, he has been feeding his knowledge and experience into the Startup Incubator Berlin since 2012. The speed and learning adaptability of the startups are the most important things for him when setting up a business.

Katarina Havrila
Katarina HavrilaCoordinator of Participants

Katarina has been working at the Startup Incubator Berlin since April 2016 and is the fairy godmother of the event orga and the coaching pool. She comes from the wild East (Slovakia) and loves mountains and Excel tables.

Arne Meyer-Haake
Arne Meyer-HaakeStartup Coaching

Arne thinks that “founding can also be playful and should give pleasure.” Arne has been working as a coach in our team since April 2019. He has more than 15 years of experience in consulting and promoting startups at universities. He built up a university startup service himself and managed it for several years before moving to Berlin. In addition, he has initiated and coordinated other transfer projects related to science and the labour market. His special interest lies in the creative discovery of business ideas, the development of business models, and strategies for Lean Startup and Bootstrapping.

Elena-Maria König
Elena-Maria KönigNetwork Management und Contest

Lena joined the Startup Incubator Berlin in 2015 as a working student. In 2016 she founded her own startup Since 2017 she has been responsible for the Make It Lean Contest in the Incubator. She loves to travel and save animals.

Matthias Grytzka
Matthias GrytzkaLab Coordinator

Matthias has been working at the Startup Incubator Berlin since September 2017. Prior to that, he gained various experience in the coordination and management of R&D projects. At the SIB he is the contact person for the Design Thinking Lab and the prototype workshop. He likes to travel and photograph and is a passionate cyclist. “Innovation is no coincidence. “

Stephan Meyer-Brehm
Stephan Meyer-BrehmCoaching, Marketing & PR

Stephan came aboard in January 2020. He holds a M.A. in Communications and began his career as an Art Director for advertising agencies. He moved on to Marketing Manager positions for several tech companies and started his own consulting business. He also taught university classes on Marketing, Commmunication, Brand Management and Media Industries. He strives to promote transatlantic academic exchange – even if it just means meeting with guest students for Stammtisch.

Kerstin Buschbeck
Kerstin BuschbeckStartup Coaching
Kerstin has been one of four startup coaches in the Startup Incubator Berlin since May 2018. She is a trained Systemic Business Coach and the founder of Coaching Hub Berlin ( For 10 years she has accompanied company startups and growth in the company incubator Rocket Internet. As our team coach, she supports the founders in their team and business model development in the pre-seed phase.

Thomas Lorenz
Thomas LorenzEvent Management

Thomas has been responsible for the events at the SIB since the end of 2018.
He studied communication sciences and international business at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, where he worked as a team leader in university marketing. Berlin’s rich culinary offerings make him forget his nostalgic longing for Dutch croquettes.

Katrin Jahnke
Katrin JahnkeProject Administration

Since January 2020, Katrin boosts our team as Project Administrator. Her qualification as a certified tax consultant, a degree in art history and 10 years of professional experience have taught her a lot about interdisciplinary thinking. Solution-oriented pragmatism is crucial to her, true to her motto: „It always seems impossible until it’s done“.