Buddies is a unique, location based, one-on-one, mobile application that allows users to interact with each other and make new friends based on common interests.

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Category: Software

In today’s globalised society, moving between cities and countries is easier than ever before, with many new expats arriving in big cities every day.
Most adults tend to have a busy schedule and meeting new people can be tricky, so it often happens that in big metropolitan cities such as Berlin, New York and London people feel alone.

So how do newcomers meet new people?
1) Work.
2) Groups with activities like martial arts, dancing or gym. On MeetUp people can also join a group.
But what if the activity they are interested in is just for two people, for example tennis, table tennis or playing chess?
3) Dating Apps. Many people use dating apps to meet new people and make friends even if a romantic relationship doesn’t work.

After making these observations a market opportunity was spotted that could be served with the creation of a social mobile app:

A mobile app offering a friendly platform where people can meet with other people, based on common interests and geographical proximity.

The market includes people of all genres, with a focus on people 22-50 years old.

The Lean Startup method consist of three steps according to Eric Cries, its creator:
Vision (Start, Define, Learn, Experiment), Steer (Leap, Test, Measure, Pivot), and Accelerate (Batch, Grow, Adapt, Innovate).
Buddies is currently on the Steer Stage. A prototype has already been created, being tested by users and constantly improved.

Angeliki Patrinou (angelikipatrinou.com) was born in NY, USA and grew up in Greece. Since 2016 she lives in Berlin, Germany.
Her Academic record includes a bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics (2013) and a Master’s degree in Management (2015). She also successfully completed a Full-stack development bootcamp (2018) and has taken courses on Graphic Design, UI/UX and Internet of Things.
She has experience in Cultural Initiatives and NGOs. She was the students’ representative in both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and has been a math and code teacher in Uni and NGO organisations.
Her professional experience ranges from Business Consulting & Online Marketing to Software Development.