Cabin Experience

Come into the wild and focus on what truly matters. We offer an immersion in nature through design. Whether as a traveller, a co-owner or a host: be part of our community and own your cabin experience!

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Ort: Berlin

We select extraordinary locations across Europe to host small cabins. Our cabins are designed to be part of the landscape. They are built with local materials and are free of chemicals.

In order to make the most of your experience, we offer you the possibility to become a co-owner. As a co-owner, you choose when you want to come and you get an attractive return by renting the cabin to other travellers. Local hosts provide you there with everything you need, and receive for their effort a part of the revenue.

With our platform we will interact with co-owners and allow travellers to customize their cabin experience.

By joining the community, you also give something back to nature. For each new co-owner we will plant a tree in the forest. This way we sow a seed towards restoring local ecosystems.

We offer a meaningful experience in nature, from a tree house in the middle of the forest to a cabin on the top of a cliff.

We target a community of purpose-driven people sharing the same values of mindfulness and fulfilment. Our primary users are active city-dwellers who love both travelling and nature, and are looking for a way to disconnect and find their inner-selves.

With our co-ownership offer, we also address those who would like to combine their passion for travel with an exciting investment.

Stress, loss of focus and lack of purpose are the new ills of our modern society. Digital over-connection and a fear of missing out are seen by many as the root of these problems. Nevertheless, they are only symptoms of the larger issue.

We believe in the power of nature as a means of increasing mindfulness and living a more sustainable life.

This is why we want to change the way we travel.

With Cabin Experience we offer a transformative journey, where sensations drive you to a heightened state of consciousness and allow you to connect with your inner-self.

By giving us your vote, you will help us to build a community of travellers and hosts who share the same beliefs.

The prize money would allow us to build our platform prototype and to test our assumptions with co-owners. Through the platform we will present different options for our first cabin project. Individuals will have the option of choosing between different cabin types, locations and ownership conditions. The results will indicate to us which combination drives the most users to apply to join our waiting list.

Javier and Charles are the co-founders of Cabin Experience. They are both crazy about travelling and have personally experienced the power of mindfulness.

Javier is an architect and has been working within this field for nine years, with projects in Germany, Poland, Portugal and Spain. He is passionate about sustainable design, and his vision is to transform ideas into quality architecture that not only inspires, but also that has a positive environmental and community impact.

Charles has a commercial and financial background. He has been working within the renewable energy sector in different locations within Europe over the last ten years, and has experience in marketing, sales and project development. He defines himself as an eternal learner and is convinced of the potential of green technologies to solve many of the world’s challenges.