We are deligted to present the first batch in the EXIST Women program: Since the beginning of 2024 the Startup Incubator Berlin of the Business School of Economics and Law is supporting a lively group of 10 aspiring female founders. EXIST Women allows women who are interested in setting up a business to expand their knowledge about starting up and self-employment at an early stage. The program runs up to 12 months of various support offers, and also includes a 3-month scholarship.

Introducing our EXIST Women:

Daria Trints and Marina Yankovskaya with PERIODLY

Periodly helps menstruating people understand their menstrual cycle and organize the life around it. The Periodly Chatbot sends information about what’s going on in a body according to each day of the cycle of users, every day providing nutrition and productivity tips to be efficient and have peace of mind.

Ran Lui and Judith Plodeck with Space Egg Art Gallery

With Space Egg the customer can use cutting-edge AI tools to create a unique art piece, then collaborate with top-tier artists to transform it into a stunning oil painting. Whether online or at exclusive offline events, it will be a personalised, high-quality art experience.

Alex Servie with creme frech

Creme Frech aspires to elevate the artisans of the world by curating a handmade collection of quality interior goods. It is the antidote to unsustainable mass-produced decor, a celebration of the human touch, and a guide to cultivating joy with less. The selection of wall art, textiles, and ceramics will provide guaranteed quality sourced directly from the artist and straight to your home.

Mimosa Akbal – Sustainibility in Hospitals

The founding idea aims to address the challenges in the healthcare sector in the context of the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). The CSRD obliges companies, including hospitals, to provide transparent sustainability reporting. The founding idea is a digital dashboard that allows hospitals to monitor their sustainability performance in various areas. This tool creates transparency and enables precise data collection to meet the requirements of the CSRD.

Madina Katter with Grains Education

Grains is a learning app and a non-profit hospitality school in Ukraine where Internally Displaced People can study for free. The goal of Grains is to help IDPs to learn skills and get well paid jobs in hospitality industry in Ukraine.

Dr. Philine Erfurt-Sandhu with “Berliner Institut für Governance & Leadership”

Good governance means actively assuming responsibility. As a think tank and training institute, practical action concepts for responsible entrepreneurship are being developed. Active ownership in the supervisory boards and among shareholders will be created and thereby strengthen the social and ecological responsibility of companies.

Salli Martin with Photo Production with AI

The business is a photo production in combination with artificial intelligence. The biggest advantages of the workflow isthat the customers know what their photos will look like before the shooting and that they can save high production costs for locations or lengthy processes.

It is our great pleasure to have these female founders with their strong entrepreneurial mindset around and having the honor to work with them. We are also grateful for the strong support from our network with mentoring, especially Berlin Partner and the IHK Berlin.

The mode is: Learning from each other, supporting each other, keeping up the motivation and the spirit – Women lifting women to success!