UX Testing – Startup Expo @Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park

In cooperation with the Factory Berlin, Startups from the Startup Incubator Berlin and the Factory Berlin will show their business idea onsite at the 26th of November starting at 5 p.m. Learn what products are to be launched soon in the market and meet interesting founders with innovative mindsets. Join the Startup Expo as a guest – 2 G applies.

Factory Berlin is opening the gates for all curious visitors who enjoy testing new products and check out market ideas. Enter the showroom and explore the innovations designed by the startups of the Factory Berlin and the Startup Incubator Berlin. Up to 18 Startups teams are eager to share their business ideas with you.

The follwing Startups are in the line up already:


2fingers goal is to provide daily life solutions through technological innovation and progress with the ambition to offer comfort and security on the subject of menstruation.


Faircado is a search and comparison portal for secondhand shopping online, focusing on sustainability. It aggregates and compares all available products based on their price and a sustainability score, giving customers the information they need to make the best purchase decision – for them, their wallet and the planet.


The goal of Fireflyting is to protect forests, businesses and people with intelligent inspections. Fireflyting creates intelligence to fly autonomous drones for wildfire prevention. They are optimizing the inspection of infrastructure that can start a wildfire, including the utility sector (electric and gas companies, energy, railway and telecommunication providers), and insurance companies that take care of other high-risk assets for the forests.

Leav – Quit Smarter 

Crisis interventions tools to reduce relapses, cravings and comorbidities. Improving addiction and abuse care by integrating daily interactions. Reflection programs for users undecided about their consumption. That’s us, Leav – Quit Smarter: The App against Addictions.


LexHub wants to simplify how legal problems, such as contract generation and management, get solved in SMEs and startups. Their team of Tech, Legal and Business experts is building a SaaS platform as the go to option for stakeholders, such as HR, sales and compliance.


neXpen develops an ergonomic pen & learning app for children. 51% of all boys and 31% of girls have difficulty learning handwriting. neXpen solves this challenge: The neXpen is adapted to the natural hand position and promotes an intuitive posture of the 3-finger grip. Sensors measure the pressure, the acceleration and the writing direction of each writing movement. A learning app is being developed to match this, with which writing can be learned through play and children experience a journey of discovery into the world of letters.


Precycle is a radical and new concept: at the moment when a new product enters the global plastic system, it is now possible to already consider the end of its life and prepare adequate infrastructure for the waste that this product will become eventually. This is possible through a plastic credit system via partners. This way PreCycle develops a plastic infrastructure that recycles where the waste goes.


stand:art  developed a standing desk converter that allows users to work ergonomically and flexibly anywhere. Our vision is to promote a healthy and flexible way of work – it is never too late!

The Next Big Thing AG

Founded in 2016 with its roots in Berlin, Germany, Next Big Thing AG (NBT) is a venture studio for the Machine Economy that co-founds deep-tech ventures with aspiring founders and corporates to deliver real-world impact. With its diverse portfolio of IoT, AI, and DLT projects, NBT provides long-term support for B2B companies, including the full scope of development toolkits, innovation strategies, mentorship to entrepreneurs and startups, engineering know-how, and smart financing — all to empower a more prosperous, sustainable, and democratized world.


We4All provides web-based 3D printing capacities in real time for private and commercial customers worldwide. The printing capacities are provided through the connection of private and commercial machine owners in our public network. Our cloud-based software brings customers and machine owners together in a smart, local and intuitive way.


Yuucol is creating the first European user-centric, integrated and bulletproof communication & collaboration software.

Startup Incubator Special

In addition, learn everything about the Challenge of the SIB & Werner von Siemens Centre of Technology and Science at the Expo.

Werner-von-Siemens Centre for Industry and Science e.V. and Startup Incubator Berlin challenge you: How would you a build trustworthy, decentralised solution to connect talented people and projects in co-creative ecosystems?

Develop your idea to market with together us and get:

Financial support
-> 6,000 € start-up budget for concept & MVP development.
-> 1,000 € budget for external coaching
-> great chances of receiving follow-up funding
-> access to business angel and investor networks
-> Access to the I nfrastructure and Prototyping Labs

Who can participate?
-> Anyone with an academic degree (BA, MA) from a Berlin university and who lives in Berlin
-> Anyone who is enthusiastic about building co-creative communities and would like to build a start-up from them.

How to apply?
-> Apply by 30th November via our application form and tell us more about you & your idea: https://bit.ly/2ZEOimZ or come and talk to us at the Factory Berlin Startup Expo.

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